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  1. Bisgaard, Martin

    Ideology and attitudes (Public Opinion Formation), Elections and voters (Political Psychology), Quantitative Methods

    • Johannsen, Lars Vinther

      Ideology and attitudes, Baltic states (corruption, political development), Concept of democracy (corruption, Presidentialism), Development of states (authoritarian rule, Corruption, Democratization), International organisations, Soviet Union (Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), The EU and Europe (enlargement, State capacity), Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

      • Laustsen, Carsten Bagge

        Ideology and attitudes (Political ideologies and ideology analysis), Conflict (Terrorism and the fight against terrorism), Critical theory (Poststructuralism), Power and politics (the political theory of power), Religion and politics (Relgion and the politics of security), Violence (Violence in war)

        • Pradella, Lea

          Ideology and attitudes (Political Disagreements), Political communication (Social Media), Psychology of cognition (Cognitive Biases), Psychology of democracy (Hostility, Polarization)

          • Skytte, Rasmus

            Ideology and attitudes (Incivility, Opinion formation, Political Polarization, Political Psychology), Political communication, Press, Quantitative Methods (Experiments)

            • Slothuus, Rune

              Ideology and attitudes (Political Psychology, Public Opinion), Society and citizens (Effects of Political Communication, Political Parties as Opinion Leaders, Political Persuasion, Public Opinion Formation)

              • Stubager, Rune

                Ideology and attitudes (Political attitudes, Public Opinion), Attitudes and Politics, Democracy and Citizens, Elections and voters (Danish elections, electoral behaviour, Political cleavages, The attitudes of the voters, The voters' values), Quantitative Methods (Experimental methods, Questionnaire construction), Questionnaire Surveys (Questionnaire construction, Surveys of mass opinion), Research Methods, [Statistik]

                • Sønderskov, Kim Mannemar

                  Ideology and attitudes, Epidemiology, Society and citizens (Generalized trust, Social capital, Social cohesion, Social trust), Statistics

                  • Thomsen, Jens Peter Frølund

                    Ideology and attitudes (Conceptions of politics, Discourse analysis, Ethnic prejudice, Political cleavage structures, power and politics, Qualitative methods, Quantitative method, Survey analysis, The Contact Hypothesis)

                    • Tromborg, Mathias Wessel

                      Ideology and attitudes, Elections and voters (Elite behavior, Heuristics, Party competition, Political institutions, Voter behavior, Voting Advice Applications), Quantitative Methods