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  1. Bisgaard, Martin

    Quantitative Methods, Elections and voters (Political Psychology), Ideology and attitudes (Public Opinion Formation)

    • Bloch, Carter Walter

      Quantitative Methods (Mixed methods, Register-based research), Evaluation of Research Policy, Innovation policy, Regressional analysis, Research and Innovation in the Business Community (Innovation and productivity, Public sector innovation)

      • Bor, Alexander

        Quantitative Methods (Experimental methods), Ideology and attitudes (Political Hostility, Political Psychology, Political Trust), [Statistik] (Causal inference)

        • Bækgaard, Martin

          Quantitative Methods (Agent-based modelling, Multi level analysis), Municipalities (Local parties, Politician spending preferences, School closures, Standing committees, The interplay between politicians and bureaucrats), Organisation theory, Other areas of organisation (Organizational structures in Danish municipalities, The local government reform, The preferences of politicians and bureaucrats)

          • Christensen, Julian

            Quantitative Methods (Experimental research in Public Administration;, Laboratory experiments;, Survey experiments;), Administration and bureaucracy (Behavioral Public Administration; , Performance management in the public sector;), Benchmarking (Interpretation of performance information;, Psychology of performance management;)

            • Kölln, Ann-Kristin

              Quantitative Methods, Citizen involvement (Political parties), Concept of democracy (representative democracy), Ideology and attitudes (Public opinion)

              • Skytte, Rasmus

                Quantitative Methods (Experiments), Ideology and attitudes (Incivility, Opinion formation, Political Polarization, Political Psychology), Political communication, Press

                • Stubager, Rune

                  Quantitative Methods (Experimental methods, Questionnaire construction), Attitudes and Politics, Democracy and Citizens, Elections and voters (Danish elections, electoral behaviour, Political cleavages, The attitudes of the voters, The voters' values), Ideology and attitudes (Political attitudes, Public Opinion), Questionnaire Surveys (Questionnaire construction, Surveys of mass opinion), Research Methods, [Statistik]