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  1. Beach, Derek

    Elections and voters (EU public opinion, Referendums), International organisations (International courts), Research Methods, The EU and Europe (Constitutional Treaty, ECJ - judicial integration, EU institutions, Euro and referendums, Lisbon Treaty, public opinion EU, Referendums), The international community (Election campaigns, US Foreign Policy, US presidential election)

    • Binderkrantz, Anne Skorkjær

      Elections and voters (Elections in the media), Administration and bureaucracy (Corporatisme, Governing by Contracts, The interaction between politicians and civil serv), Non-governmental organisations (Corporatism, Pluralism, Strategies of Influence)

      • Bisgaard, Martin

        Elections and voters (Political Psychology), Ideology and attitudes (Public Opinion Formation), Quantitative Methods

        • Elklit, Jørgen

          Elections and voters (democracy assessment, election administration quality assessment, local party systems, Turnout), Development of states (democratic legitimacy, democratisation, elections and democratic development), Electoral systems, Political history (electoral system development)

          • Stubager, Rune

            Elections and voters (Danish elections, electoral behaviour, Political cleavages, The attitudes of the voters, The voters' values), Attitudes and Politics, Democracy and Citizens, Ideology and attitudes (Political attitudes, Public Opinion), Quantitative Methods (Experimental methods, Questionnaire construction), Questionnaire Surveys (Questionnaire construction, Surveys of mass opinion), Research Methods, [Statistik]

            • Tromborg, Mathias Wessel

              Elections and voters (Elite behavior, Party competition, Political institutions, Voter behavior, Voter heuristics, Voting Advice Applications), Ideology and attitudes, Quantitative Methods