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  1. Jeppesen, Matilde

    Society and citizens, Administration and bureaucracy, Development cooperation (developing countries), Development of states (Administration/bureaucracy, Autonomy, Development Aid Policy, Global South, Public administration, Reforms, State capacity, Sub-Saharan Africa, Tax, Taxation), International organisations, Tax theory

    • Loftager, Jørn

      Society and citizens (Solidarity), Concept of democracy (Deliberative democracy), Welfare state (Basic income)

      • Mouritsen, Per

        Society and citizens (Cititizenship, Immigration and Integration Policy, National identity), Citizen involvement, Communitarianism and multiculturalism (new American political theories) (Theories of multicultural society), Nationalism, Public service, Republicanism

        • Rachid, Ashraf

          Society and citizens (Citizenship studies), Citizen involvement (Political participation of immigrants), Ethnicity, Hierarchy and status (Personal network analysis, Social network analysis, Social networks of immigrants), Minorities (Immigrant integration), Quantitative Methods (Social network analysis)

          • Slothuus, Rune

            Society and citizens (Effects of Political Communication, Political Parties as Opinion Leaders, Political Persuasion, Public Opinion Formation), Ideology and attitudes (Political Psychology, Public Opinion)

            • Sønderskov, Kim Mannemar

              Society and citizens (Generalized trust, Social capital, Social cohesion, Social trust), Epidemiology, Ideology and attitudes, Statistics