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  1. Albertsen, Andreas Brøgger

    Concept of democracy (political equality, voting advice application), Applied ethics and bioethics/environmental ethics (Health behaviour, health policy, luck egalitarianism, personal responsibility), Ethics and moral philosophy in antiquity, Health, Health systems, Medical ethics (deemed consent, organ donation, organ markets, organ shortage, presumed consent, priority rules), Other areas of financing, Philosophy/history of health

    • Johannsen, Lars Vinther

      Concept of democracy (corruption, Presidentialism), Baltic states (corruption, political development), Development of states (authoritarian rule, Corruption, Democratization), Ideology and attitudes, International organisations, Soviet Union (Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), The EU and Europe (enlargement, State capacity), Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

      • Loftager, Jørn

        Concept of democracy (Deliberative democracy), Society and citizens (Solidarity), Welfare state (Basic income)