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Man and Cultures

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  1. Brænder, Morten

    Digital culture and communication (blogs, milblogs), History of mentalities (english civil war, puritanism), Identity, Medieval political philosophy, Nationalism (Nationalism and religion), Qualitative Methods, Sociology of religion (Civil religion, Religion in public space), State and sovereignty, USA (Religion in the USA), Violence

    • Galos, Diana-Roxana

      Identity (Social Class), Psychology of Work and Organisations (Social Perceptions), Quantitative Methods (Quantitative Methods, Survey and Field Experiments), Women employment (Gender Discrimination, Social Class), Work and workplaces (Educational Inequalities, Women in STEM)

      • Jeppesen, Matilde

        Administration and bureaucracy, Development cooperation (developing countries), Development of states (Administration/bureaucracy, Autonomy, Development Aid Policy, Global South, Public administration, Reforms, State capacity, Sub-Saharan Africa, Tax, Taxation), International organisations, Society and citizens, Tax theory

        • Laustsen, Carsten Bagge

          Conflict (Terrorism and the fight against terrorism), Critical theory (Poststructuralism), Ideology and attitudes (Political ideologies and ideology analysis), Power and politics (the political theory of power), Religion and politics (Relgion and the politics of security), Violence (Violence in war)

          • Mouritsen, Per

            Citizen involvement, Communitarianism and multiculturalism (new American political theories) (Theories of multicultural society), Nationalism, Public service, Republicanism, Society and citizens (Cititizenship, Immigration and Integration Policy, National identity)

            • Pedersen, Jørgen Dige

              Development, Development economics, Development of states (Development assistance, India and Brazil: State regulation and economic), India

              • Pradella, Lea

                Ideology and attitudes (Political Disagreements), Political communication (Social Media), Psychology of cognition (Cognitive Biases), Psychology of democracy (Hostility, Polarization)

                • Rachid, Ashraf

                  Citizen involvement (Political participation of immigrants), Ethnicity, Hierarchy and status (Personal network analysis, Social network analysis, Social networks of immigrants), Minorities (Immigrant integration), Quantitative Methods (Social network analysis), Society and citizens (Citizenship studies)

                  • Rasmussen, Jesper

                    Citizen involvement (Online communities, Social Media), Conflict, Psychology of democracy (Social identity)