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  1. Grohmann, Antonia

    Other areas of financing (Financial Inclusion), Education economics (Financial Education), Experimental economics (Field Experiments, Lab Experiments), Other areas of financing (Household Finance)

    • Jessen, Pernille

      Other areas of financing (Credit risk and liability issues)

      • Merkle, Christoph

        Other areas of financing (Algorithm Aversion, FinTech, Robo Advisors), Pensions and retirement (Retirement timing), Private assets (Debt, Expectations, Experimental Finance, Household Finance, Investment, Preferences, Risk assessment, Saving), Psychology of cognition (Loss Aversion, Overconfidence), Stock market (Analysts, Forecasts, Risk assessment)

        • Pedersen, Frank

          Other areas of financing (Financing of real estate), Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Debt structure), Corporate governance (Risk management in non-financial enterprises, Valuation), Investment (Investing in real estate)