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  1. Engberg, Jakob

    Church history (persecutions, martyrs and apologists), Religion and society (religion and politics, church and empire, Roman government and jurisprudence, Roman history)

    • Ingesman, Per

      Church history, Economic history (Late medieval accounts of the Danish archbishops)

      • Pedersen, Nils Arne

        Church history (Egyptian Church history, Gnosticism, Manichaeism, Syriac texts in Manichaean script, Syrian Church history), 19th century, Christianity (Christian Apologetics in Antiquity, Constantine the Great, Formation of NT Canon, Gnosticism, Gospel of Judas, Nag Hammadi, the Arian Controversy), Fathers of the church (Coptic and Syriac literature, heresiology, Titus of Bostra)

        • Vrangbæk, Eva Elisabeth Houth

          Church history (Data-intensive Methods, Digital Humanities, Distant Reading, Programming, Python, Text Mining), Antiquity, Fathers of the church (Augustine, Choice, Evil, Freedom, Original Sin, Predestination, Time, Will)