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  1. Jensen, Uffe Juul

    Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Ideology and attitudes, Perceptions of illness (Concepts of disease and of health), Philosophy of natural science (Evidence, Evidence based practice, Philosophy of medicine, Science and politics, Science and society, Science and the humanities), Philosophy/history of health (Development of practices, Good life), Welfare state (Theories of welfare and welfare state)

    • Lang, Hannah

      Existentialism, Feminine philosophy (Feminist philosophy), Kinship and family (Birth, Motherhood, Pregnancy), Phenomenology, Philosophers (Hannah Arendt, Søren Kierkegaard), Poetics, poetry and philosophy

      • Seibt, Johanna

        Metaphysics and Ontology (Philosophy of Social Robotics, Philosophy of technology, Robophilosophy)