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  1. Larsen, John Møller

    Middle East in general, Arabic (Classical Arabic, Paleography), Aramaic (Nabataean, Syriac), Islam (Islamism, Qur'anic exegesis, Sayyid Qutb), Religion and politics (Political Islam), Religious movements (Islamist movements), World literature (Classical Arabic literature)

    • Sedgwick, Mark

      Middle East in general (Arab world, Iran, Israel, Turkey), Africa in general (Sudan), Cultural history (Neo-Sufism, Religiosity), Europe in general (Islam in Europe, Neo-Sufism), Islam (Islam and Muslims in Europe, Islamism, Modernization and reform, Sufism), Meeting of cultures (Islam and the West), Mysticism and spirituality (Sufism, Traditionalism), Other countries (Malaysia, Singapore), Religion and politics (Eurasianism, Islam), Religious movements (Neo-Sufism, New religious movements, Typology), Security (Islamism, Middle East, Religion and terrorism)