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  1. Larsen, John Møller

    Islam (Islamism, Qur'anic exegesis, Sayyid Qutb), Arabic (Classical Arabic, Paleography), Aramaic (Nabataean, Syriac), Middle East in general, Religion and politics (Political Islam), Religious movements (Islamist movements), World literature (Classical Arabic literature)

    • Toft, Lasse Løvlund

      Islam (Jahiliyya poetry, Sira and hadith, The Qur'an), Arabic (Karshuni/Garshuni), Aramaic (Hagiography, Historiography, Liturgical literature, Poetry, Syriac literature and Syriac ecclesiastical traditions), Church history (Early Christianity, Late Antiquity, The Christian Orient), Editing and organising (Manuscripts, Textual Criticism and editing), Ethiopian (Ethiopic Church literature (in Ge'ez), Literature of Beta Israel), Etymology and lexicology (Semitics), Liturgy (Martyr literature, The Cult of Saints), Text theory and analysis

      994 / i29