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  1. Albinus, Lars

    Research methods (Analytics of power, Discourse analysis, Philosophy of language), 20th century (Jürgen Habermas, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault, Simone Weil), Antiquity (Augustine, Plato), Graeco-Roman religions (From mythos to logos, Greek Eschatology, The notion of daimon), Mysticism and spirituality (Simone Weil), Myth analysis (Greek Mythology), Philosophy of religion (Neo-wittgensteinian philosophy of religion, Reformed epistemology)

    • Christensen, Henrik Reintoft

      Research methods (Analytics of power, Discourse analysis, Quantitative methodology), Christianity, Church history, Islam (Islam in the Media), Multireligiosity, Religious movements, Sociology of religion (Religion in public space, Religion, society and mass media), Welfare state

      • Jensen, Hans Jørgen Lundager

        Research methods (anthropology, comparativism, cultural evolution, structuralism), Ancient Near Eastern, Cultural theory, Culture and cognition, History of research on religion (Claude Lévi-Strauss, Emile Durkheim, Georges Dumézil, Jan Assmann, Mary Douglas, Peter Sloterdijk, Philipe Descola, René Girard, Roy A. Rappaport), Myths and rituals (myths, purity, rituals, sacrifice), Old Testament (cult, deuteronomism, Old Testament Theology, priestly theology, sacrifice, temple), Rituals (Theories of rituals)

        • Kühle, Lene

          Research methods, 20th century (Pierre Bourdieu, Theory of Modernity), Church history (Danish Eccleciastical Law, recognition of religious communities), Democracy and power, Islam, Multireligiosity (Religious pluralism), Religious movements, Sociology of religion

          • Nygaard, Simon

            Research methods (Cultural Evolution, Cultural Memory, Performance Theory), History of religion (Comparative history of religions), Myth analysis (Ritual studies), Myths and rituals (Nordic mythology), Old Norse (Contextual runology, Old Norse poetry), Old Norse religion, Phenomenology of religion