History and Archaeology

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  1. Jensen, Helle Juel

    Farmers (harvesting strategies), Hunter-gatherers, Material culture (harvesting implements)

    • Naum, Magdalena Ewa

      Cultural history (collecting and curiosity, colonialism, early ethnography, Scandinavian colonies), Material culture, Medieval archaeology, Meeting of cultures (diaspora, migration, mobility, travel), Renaissance archaeology, Social history, Towns (material culture, social space)

      • Philippsen, Bente

        Carbon 14 dating, Climate of the past (climate reconstruction with 14C dating and stable isotope analysis), Dating, Fjords (14C reservoir effect in fjords), Freshwater (freshwater reservoir effekt, hardwater effect), Hunter-gatherers (Ertebølle culture, Hunter-gatherer pottery), Land use (analysis of pottery -> distinguish terrestrial, marine and freshwater resources)

        • Shepherd, Nick

          Cultural history (Heritage Studies, Postcolonial Archaeology, Public Archaeology, Indigenous Archaeology, Archaeological Theory, African Studies, Visual Studies)

          • Vandkilde, Helle

            Bronze Age, Culture and society (process, structure, agency, (material) culture), Globalisation (ethnoarchaeology in Melanea, globalisation in the past & the present, Transylvania as hotspot and mediator of culture), Globalisation (cp. 'Bronze Age'), Identity (identity formation, body, materiality), Material culture (The materiality of culture), Metal and metallurgy (copper and bronze technology in social context), Metal and metallurgy (metallurgy as knowledge and social practice), Neolithic period (same themes as 'Bronze Age'), Sacrificial rituals (gift giving, inalienabilty and rites of passage), Stone Age, War and warriors (male bonding, war as social practice)