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  1. Funahashi, Daena

    Power and politics (Social Movements), Crisis and trauma psychology (Distress), Philosophy of technology (Theorization of Temporality), Welfare state (Ethics)

    • Otto, Ton

      Power and politics (leadership in tribal societies), Australia and Oceania in general, Conflict (warfare in tribal societies), Cultural change, Ethnographic films (film and participation), Ethnography (ethnographic fieldwork, ethnography and historical method), History of anthropological theory (Social and cultural change), Identity (identity and action), Oceania (Melanesia, Papua New Guinea), Religious movements (cargo cult), Tradition (tradition and change)

      • Venhovens, Mikel Johannes Hubertus

        Power and politics (Biopolitics, Borderization, Governmentality,), Caucasus (Abkhazia, Georgia,), Conflict (Violence), Ethnicity, Identity, Nationalism, Qualitative Methods (Wellbeing during Fieldwork), The state (Nation Building,, State Building)