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  1. Bjerregaard, Sofie Budhoo

    Ethnography, Anthropology (Northern Uganda, Restorative Justice, Transitional Justice)

    • Bræmer Warburg, Anna

      Ethnography, Criminality (Counterterrorism, Organized Crime, Radicalization), Denmark, Other countries (Philippines), Power and politics (Safety politics, Security governance), Security (Police, Policing), The state (Police reform, Policy implementation), Violence (Perceptions of security and safety, Risk and threat assessments)

      • Eilenberg, Michael

        Ethnography, Climate and society (Sustainability), Democracy and Citizens (Decentralization and local politics, Development ), Democracy and power, Greenhouse gasses (including CO2) (REDD+ Initiative), Other countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Afrika), State, Region and Municipality (state formation in Southeast Asia), Underdeveloped countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania)

        • Højlund, Susanne

          Ethnography, Anthropology (Homeliness, Place and space), Identity, Participant observation (Institutional Ethnography), Pegagogical anthropology (childhood anthropology), Theories of learning (Educational anthropology)

          • Otto, Ton

            Ethnography (ethnographic fieldwork, ethnography and historical method), Australia and Oceania in general, Conflict (warfare in tribal societies), Cultural change, Ethnographic films (film and participation), History of anthropological theory (Social and cultural change), Identity (identity and action), Oceania (Melanesia, Papua New Guinea), Power and politics (leadership in tribal societies), Religious movements (cargo cult), Tradition (tradition and change)