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  1. Have, Iben

    Popular music (Television- and film music), Books as a medium (including digital literature), Interdisciplinary aesthetics (Perception and cognition, Sound and image), Musical analysis (Music and emotions, Music in audiovisual media, Musical underscore, incidental music), Radio history, Semiotics and semiology (Cognitive semantics, cognitive theory), TV aesthetics (Danish tv documentaries, Jingles and musical underscore in television, Portraits of politicians in Danish documentaries)

    • Korsgaard, Mathias Bonde

      Popular music, Digital aesthetics, Digital aesthetics (Audiovisual Remixing, New Audiovisual Short-Forms, YouTube), Digital sound and music, Film, Film, Film aesthetics, Film analysis (Film and Media Analysis), Film history, Film theory, Media (Audiovisual Studies, Audiovisuality), Multimediality/cross-mediality (Digital/Audiovisual Literacy, Media Paratexts), Video genres (Music Video, Video Essays, Videographic Criticism), Videoaesthetics (Music Video)