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  1. Refskou, Anne Sophie Haahr

    Globalisation, Cultural history (Cultural history of emotion), Cultural theory (Affect theory, Affective politics, Postcolonial theory, discourse and culture analysis), Historiography of literature, History of criticism, Literary epochs (Early modern literature, Shakespeare), Performance (Cultural diplomacy, Interculturalism, Theatre history), World literature (Globalisation and literature)

    • Larsen, Svend Erik

      Globalisation (literature and globalization), Cultural change (forgiveness, individual and cultural memory), Historiography of literature, Literary epochs (Europe after 1700), Modernity (urban culture), Narrativity/storytelling (the function of storytelling), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education ('Bildung' and secondary education), Poetics, poetry and philosophy (conceptions of nature, memory), Semiotics and semiology (discourse analysis, literary and cultural semiotics), Structuralism, World literature (globalization and literature)

      • Baggesgaard, Mads Anders

        Globalisation (Literature and globalization, Postcolonialism), Empires and colonies (Danish colonial history, Danish West Indies, Slavery), Film history (African film, Cultural history of film, Film and globalizaition, Film and politics), France (Contemporary French literature, French colonialism), World literature (Dave Eggers, Francois Bon, Georges Perec, Globalization and literature, Jonathan Littell, Michel Houellebecq, Pierre Alferi, Thomas Pynchon, Vladimir Sorokin)