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  1. McGregor, William Bernard

    Psycholinguistics (classification, language and theory of mind, symbolic cognition), Functional linguistics (Linguistic Typology, Semiotic grammar), Language history (comparative linguistics, etymology) (comparative Bunuban, comparative Nyulnyulan, comparative Worrorran, grammaticalisation), Morphology (ergative case-marking, optional case-marking), Semantics (cognitive semantics, formal semantics etc) (mood and modality, semantics of grammar), Sociolects (child language, language of adolescents, immigrants, specialised language etc) (language endangerment, special registers (mother-in-law)), Syntax (complementation constructions, compound verb constructions, mood and subordination)

    • Weed, Ethan

      Psycholinguistics (Autism, Dyslexia, Prosody, Voice), Cerebral and nervous system (communicational impairments, language impairments), Cognition research, Neuropsychology, Psychology of cognition