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  1. Campolmi, Irene

    Museums (history, layout, architecture, functions) (art curating, Collection dipslay, Cultural institutions, Cultural Policy, Curatorial Practice, Curatorial Research, Exhibition Making, Modern and Contemporary art history, Museum exhibitions, Museum management )

    • Larsen, Ane Hejlskov

      Avant-garde (Fluxus, repetition, Per Kirkeby), Contemporary art (Postmodern Art), Digital museology (Virtual museums, their history and technology), Museum communication (Cybermuseology), Museums (history, layout, architecture, functions)

      • Wamberg, Jacob

        Avant-garde (Bioart, Cubism and Futurism, Duchamp, Land Art), History of historical understanding (Art historiography), Theory and History of Aesthetics (Art, technology, nature, Big History, Biosemiotics, Cultural Evolution, Deep History, Posthumanism), Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive space (Bioart), Visual analysis