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  1. Dalsgaard, Inger Hunnerup

    Popular culture (Conspiracy culture, Disney, Marilyn Monroe), Cultural contact (American culture), Digital literature, narration/storytelling, hypertext, net literature (Cyberpunk literature), Everyday life (American folk and consumer culture, Romantic fiction, Women in America), Fashion (19th century American women, Women in Politics), Film analysis (American movies), Identity (Asian-Americans), Literary epochs (Thomas Pynchon, US literature), Modernity (technology), Social history (American First Ladies), USA, Visual art (American)

    • Sencindiver, Susan Yi

      Popular culture (adaptation, celebrity culture, remediation), Gender (age, body, feminisms, intersectionality, motherhood, new materialism, postfeminism, psychoanalysis, sexuality), History of criticism, Literary epochs (19th century, 20th century, Gothic fiction), Text theory and analysis