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  1. Boenisch, Peter M.

    Dramaturgy (Political theatre), Dramatic art (Dutch and Flemish theatre, European theatre, German theatre, Regietheater, theatre direction), Theatre institutions (Institutional Critique, Institutional Dramaturgy)

    • Krøgholt, Ida

      Dramaturgy (Applied dramaturgy in mise en scenes, Dramaturgical management), Dramatic art (Dramaturgical analysis, Participatory art and theatre, Reality-theatre), Globalisation (Participatory culture, Worldart: Theatrical and performative actions in perspective of globalisation), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education (Arts in education and formation, Theatre and Drama in Education)

      • Kuhlmann, Annelis

        Dramaturgy (Applied dramaturgy in mise en scenes), Baltic states (contemporary theatre performances, The theatre as a tools of historiography), Cultural history, Denmark (Contemporary Danish History of Theatre), Drama analysis (Postwar drama), Dramatic art (Danish traditions of directing, Theatre Directing in the Postwar Period), East European and East Asian Languages (Russian, Chinese, Japaneseetc), France (French drama and theatre, Mise en scene as incorporated in French drama), French, Modern aesthetic theory, Modern drama (Contemporary European Drama (1995-2005)), Performance (Performance in a theatrical use of the space), Renaissance, Europe, Russia (Russian art of acting, Russian directing (mise en scene) in the theatre, Russian scenography and stage design, Russian Theatre Pedagogics, Stanislavsky's writings, The heritage from Stanislavsky), Russian, Theatre analysis (Odin Teatret, Performance analysis, Terminology of the art of acting, the professional language of the director, The staging of classics, The verbalisation of the mise en scene, Theatre conventions, Theatre historiography, Theatre history, Theatricality), Theory and History of Aesthetics

        • Risum, Janne

          Dramaturgy, China, Classical drama, Comparative methods, Dramatic art, Historiography, History of historical understanding, History of mentalities, Modern drama, Performance, Theatre analysis (Asian theatre conventions, Kierkegaard and the theatre, Odin Teatret, Theatre conventions, Theatre history)

          • Szatkowski, Janek

            Dramaturgy (dramaturgical models, Theatre and Drama in Education), Digital aesthetics, Digital installations, Drama analysis, Modern drama, Theatre analysis (Performance analysis)