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  1. Iversen, Stefan

    Rhetorical analysis (Multimodal Rhetoric, Narrative Rhetoric, Visual Rhetoric), Digital literature, narration/storytelling, hypertext (Multimodality), Globalisation, Identity, Literary epochs (19th Century, 20th century, Decadence, Modernism, Realism), Narrativity/storytelling, Poetics, poetry and philosophy, Political rhetoric, Text theory and analysis (Cultural Memory, Deconstruction, Fictionality, Narrative theory, Unnatural Narratology, Witness Literature), Theories of learning

    • Lund, Marie

      Rhetorical analysis (inaugurals, rhetorical audience, rhetorical figures, rhetorical generic criticism, rhetorical theory, the tone of literature), Stylistics (rhetorical figures as arguments, rhetorical style as a concept, style and meaning, style and rhetorical analysis, style and rhetorical criticism), Text theory and analysis (literacy, literary criticism, rhetorical literary analysis, the short story, Theory of genre, voice in text)

      • Ringgaard, Rebekka Lykke

        Rhetorical analysis (Accusatory rhetoric, Deliberative democracy, Social Media), Citizen involvement (Social Media), Conflict (Accusatory rhetoric), Crisis communication (accusations), Political rhetoric (Social Media)