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  1. Albertsen, BK

    Cancer (acute lymfoblastic leukemia, asparaginase, enzyme activities, formation of antibodies, pharmacokinetics, side effects), Treatment of Illness

    • Alsner, Jan

      Cancer, Cancer, Genetics (Cancer), Genetics (Retinoblastoma), Molecular medicine (Cancer), Radiation

      • Grønbæk, Henning

        Cancer (Hepatocellular carcinoma, Liver metastases, Neuroendocrine tumours), Digestive tract (Growth factors, Liver cirrhosis, Liver haemodynamics and metabolism, Metabolism, Portal hypertension)

        • Harborg, Sixten

          Cancer (Adjuvant treatment, Statins), Cancer (Breast cancer, Prognosis), Epidemiology (Cancer epidemiology), Lifestyle (Obesity, Overweight)

          • Konrad, Christina Valbirk

            Cancer (Cancer stem cells, Cancer therapy, Metastasis, Tumor microenvironment, Tumor progression), Cancer (Cancer Stem Cells, Tumor microenvironment, Tumor progression), IT and knowledge sharing (Graphic design, Illustration, Visuel communication, Visuel communication of biomedical research), Infection (HIV eradication, HIV-1 patogenesis, HIV-1 virology, immunology)