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  1. Gaihede, Michael

    Physiology (middle ear pressure regulation), Biophysics (biomechanics, middle ear pressure), Ear-nose-throat (middle ear pressure, regulation), Ear-nose-throat (middle ear pressure, otosurgery), Epidemiology (otosurgery, ventilation tubes), Physiology (EMG of Eustachian tube, middle ear pressure, multi channel EEG)

    • Keiding, Susanne

      Physiology (Liver microcirculation), Digestive tract (Colorectal cancer), Liver/pancreas (Cholangiocarcinoma, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Liver metastasis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Liver haemodynamics and metabolism, Liver tumour, PET and PET/CT)

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