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  1. Andersen, Johnnie Bremholm

    Physiology, Animal adaptation to the environment (hypoxia, oxygen availability, oxygen lack, temperature effects), Animal physiology (gas transport, integrative physiology, respiration physiology), Heart and circulation (Cardiac hypertrophy, Stereology), Reptiles (Pythons, Rattlesnakes), Respiration (amphibians, oxygen consumption, oxygen transport, reptiles)

    • Gaihede, Michael

      Physiology (EMG of Eustachian tube, middle ear pressure, multi channel EEG), Biophysics (biomechanics, middle ear pressure), Ear-nose-throat (middle ear pressure, regulation), Ear-nose-throat (middle ear pressure, otosurgery), Epidemiology (otosurgery, ventilation tubes), Physiology (middle ear pressure regulation)

      • Gormsen, Lars Christian

        Physiology (Metabolism), Lifestyle illnesses (insulin resistance, obesity, triglyceride turnover), Radioactive methods

        • Larsen, Jens Rolighed

          Physiology (cardioprotection, experimental models, ischaemia-reperfusion injury, percutaneous coronary intervention), Biochemistry (Histochemistry), Biological treatment, Health systems, Heart and circulation (Coronary Artery Imaging, Hemodynamics, Myocardial ischemia), Heart and circulation, Pharmaceuticals (Inhalational anesthetics, Opioids), Surgery