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  1. Harbig, Philipp

    Health systems ( > eHealth), Epidemiology ( > Pharmacoepidemiology), General medicine ( > Telemedicine)

    • Larsen, Jens Rolighed

      Health systems, Biochemistry (Histochemistry), Biological treatment, Heart and circulation (Coronary Artery Imaging, Hemodynamics, Myocardial ischemia), Heart and circulation, Pharmaceuticals (Inhalational anesthetics, Opioids), Physiology (cardioprotection, experimental models, ischaemia-reperfusion injury, percutaneous coronary intervention), Surgery

      • Moellekaer, Anders

        Health systems (Emergency Medicine, Healthcare management, Public health), Other areas of organisation

        • Vedsted, Peter

          Health systems, Cancer, Cancer, Epidemiology (register-based research, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases), Examination of registers, General medicine, Public health, Risk and health