Man and Cultures

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  1. Jakobsen, Piet

    Clinical psychology - adults (Mindfulness-based clinical interventions), Psychotherapy

    • Kilburn, Tina R.

      Clinical psychology - children and young people (Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Child and Aolescent, Psychiatry), Epidemiology, Pregnancy

      • Weed, Ethan

        Cerebral and nervous system (communicational impairments, language impairments), Cognition research, Neuropsychology, Psycholinguistics (Autism, Dyslexia, Prosody, Voice), Psychology of cognition

        • Wellnitz, Kaare Bro

          Pedagogical psychology (Primary school organization, School-engagement), Personality psychology (Motivation, Self-Determination Theory), Qualitative and quantitative method development, Statistical methods, Statistics