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  1. Christensen, Steen

    Hydrogeology (Groundwater/surface water interaction, Recharge and vegetation, Water balance), Groundwater (Modeling, Parameter estimation, Quantification of uncertainty)

    • Lykke-Andersen, Holger

      Hydrogeology (Hydrogeological models bsed on seismic data), Denmark's geology (Seismic studies of meso- and cenozoic sequences), Environmental geophysics (Mapping of groundwater reservoirs), Greenland's geology (Marine geology/seismics), Limestone (Sedimetary structures), North Pole and other Arctic areas (Seismic investigations in the Polar Sea), Oceanography (Seismic oceanography), Seismic surveys (High-res studies 0-2 km), Soil and stratigraphy (Seismic stratigraphic studies), Subsoil structure (Tectonics vs. sedimentation)