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  1. Brix, Jacob

    Innovation (Business model innovation, innovation , innovation management, Radical innovation), Learning, didactics and education, Organizational development, Research and Innovation in the Business Community (Action Research)

    • Edgeman, Rick

      Innovation (Viral Innovation), Corporate performance (Enterprise Excellence, Quality Management), Corporate social responsibility (CSER Assessment), Statistical analysis (Inverse Gaussian Methods, Reliability), Sustainability (BEST Models, Sustainable Enterprise Excellence)

      • Løbner, Kristian

        Innovation (Innovation management, innovation projects), Organisation (Business Model Innovation, innovation Management, Leadership, Project management), Organizational development (Business model innovation, Business Models)

        • Peronard, Jean-Paul

          Innovation (Circular economy, Creativity, Interorganizational networks, Service network), Marketing theory (Consumer behavior, Globalization, International marketing, Services), Theories on use and interaction (Design, Interaction, Welfare robots)

          • Rohrbeck, René

            Innovation (Corporate venturing, Technology foresight, Technology transfer), Organisation theory (microfoundations), Strategy (Corporate Foresight, Future Orientation, Strategic foresight)

            • Wittrock, Christian

              Innovation (> Management Concepts), Culture and organisation, Japan (> Management Style Transfer), Organisation and management theory, Organisation theory (> New Institutionalism), Social psychology (> Social Identity Theory)