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  1. Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Eva Cecilie

    Environment and industrial medicine (Arctic Environmental Medicine, Cellular & Molecular Toxicology, Endocrine disrupting chemicals, Environmental chemicals, thyroid hormone disruption), Molecular medicine (Arctic Environmental Medicine, International Cohort studies, Mechanistic Epidemiology)

    • Kjærgaard, Søren K.

      Ear-nose-throat, Environment and industrial medicine (electromagnetic fields, Mobile phone radiation, Non ionizing radiation), Eyes, Public health, Risk and health, Work-related illnesses, Working environment (Effects on eyes, Effects on the nose, electromagnetic fields, House dust, indoor environment, non-ionizing radiation)

      • Pedersen, O.F.

        Organs and Functions of the Body, Physiology (Calibration of lung function equipment, Lung function in epidemiology, Lung function in farming students, Nose function by acoustic rhinometry, Prediction of survival with COLD, The mechanics of the respiration)