Health and Illness

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  1. Adhikari, Tara Ballav

    Public health (COPD, Global Health, Lung function in epidemiology, NCDs, Nepal, Spirometry)

    • Bjerrum, Merete

      Nursing (Nursing education)

      • Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Eva Cecilie

        Environment and industrial medicine (Arctic Environmental Medicine, Cellular & Molecular Toxicology, Endocrine disrupting chemicals, Environmental chemicals, thyroid hormone disruption), Molecular medicine (Arctic Environmental Medicine, International Cohort studies, Mechanistic Epidemiology)

        • Bregnballe, Vibeke

          Health psychology (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Nursing (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Patient behaviour (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Patient-therapist relationship (children and adolescents, chronic disease)

          • Christensen, Kaj Sparle

            General medicine, Psychopathology (Anxiety disorder, Depressive disorder, Medical unexplained symptoms, Psychometric tests)

            • Christiansen, Ask Vest

              Doping (elite sport, cycle sport, doping, ethics, fitness doping), Perceptions of the body

              • Eiset, Andreas Halgreen

                Epidemiology (Causal inference), Examination of registers, Infection, International health (Asylum seekers, Global Health, Migration, Refugees), Lifestyle illnesses, Public health (Global Health), Public health, Risk and health

                • Hall, Elisabeth O C

                  Nursing (Family.centred neonatal and pediatric nursing), Nursing

                  • Harbig, Philipp

                    Epidemiology ( > Pharmacoepidemiology), General medicine ( > Telemedicine), Health systems ( > eHealth)

                    • Huibers, Linda

                      Health systems (Acute care, Out of hours care, Primary care)

                      • Kjærgaard, Søren K.

                        Ear-nose-throat, Environment and industrial medicine (electromagnetic fields, Mobile phone radiation, Non ionizing radiation), Eyes, Public health, Risk and health, Work-related illnesses, Working environment (Effects on eyes, Effects on the nose, electromagnetic fields, House dust, indoor environment, non-ionizing radiation)

                        • Kronborg, Hanne

                          Nursing (Breastfeeding, Intervention studies, Mother child health, Primary health care), Public health (Health behaviour, Health promotion, Knowledge attitude practice)

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