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  1. Eiset, Andreas Halgreen

    Public health, Epidemiology (Causal inference), Examination of registers, Infection, International health (Asylum seekers, Global Health, Migration, Refugees), Lifestyle illnesses, Public health (Global Health), Risk and health

    • Isaksen, Anders Aasted

      Public health (Immigrant Health), Lifestyle illnesses (Type 2 diabetes)

      • Lyhne, Cecilie Nørby

        Public health (Avoidable hospitalisations, Primary healthcare), Perceptions of illness (ADHD, Cognitive functions, Depression, Executive functioning, Mental illness), Public health (Content analysis, Integrative review, Meta-synthesis, Qualitative methods, Systematic review), Working environment (Biopsychosocial model, Psychosocial work environment, Rehabilitation, Work participation)

        • Nielsen, Mette Kjærgaard

          Public health (Family caregivers, Palliative care)

          • Væth, Michael

            Public health, Biostatistics (analysis of epidemiologic studies, analysis of time-to-event data), Radiation

            • Witte, Daniel Rinse

              Public health, Epidemiology (Longitudinal epidemiology, Trajaectory analysis), Lifestyle illnesses