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  1. Eiset, Andreas Halgreen

    Epidemiology (Causal inference), Examination of registers, Infection, International health (Asylum seekers, Global Health, Migration, Refugees), Lifestyle illnesses, Public health (Global Health), Public health, Risk and health

    • Hammerich Riis, Anders

      Epidemiology (Clinical Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology), Biostatistics

      • Harbig, Philipp

        Epidemiology ( > Pharmacoepidemiology), General medicine ( > Telemedicine), Health systems ( > eHealth)

        • Vedsted, Peter

          Epidemiology (register-based research, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases), Cancer, Cancer, Examination of registers, General medicine, Health systems, Public health, Risk and health

          • Witte, Daniel Rinse

            Epidemiology (Longitudinal epidemiology, Trajaectory analysis), Lifestyle illnesses, Public health