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  1. Christensen, Erik Ilsø

    Kidneys and urinary tract (Proteinuria, Receptor mediated endocytosis, Renal pathophysiology), Anatomy (3-D reconstructions of the nephron, Renal structure/ultrastructure and function), Cell biology (Proximal tubule, Renal tubular protein reabsorption), Kidneys and urinary tract (Localization of membrane proteins, Receptor mediated endocytosis), Molecular medicine (Cell culture studies, Confocal microscopy, Immunogold electron microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, peroxidase and fluorescense, Subcellular control of endocytosis), Physiology (Proteinuria, Renal pathophysiology)

    • Poulsen, Søren Brandt

      Kidneys and urinary tract, Behaviour and etology (Houting beaviour, Hypoxia avoidance in fish), Ecotoxicology (Copper avoidance in fish)

      • Praetorius, Jeppe

        Kidneys and urinary tract (Renal sodium and bicarbonate transport), Cell biology (Acid/base transport, Intracellular pH regulation, Localization of membrane transport proteins), Cerebral and nervous system (Choroid plexus biology), Digestive tract (Duodenal bicarbonate transport), Molecular medicine, Physiology (Acid/base physiology, Water and salt metabolism), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Immuno-gold electron microscopy, Live cell microscopy)

        • Sardella, Donato

          Kidneys and urinary tract (Regeneration Renal Remodelling), Physiology

          • Schiessl, Ina Maria

            Kidneys and urinary tract (Regeneration, Renal Remodelling), Physiology