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  1. Börgeson, Emma

    Cardiovascular Physiology (Cardiometabolic syndrome, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Inflammation, inflammatory markers, collagen metabolites, Inflammatory resolution, Obesity)

    • Luo, Yonglun

      Biotechnology (genetic engineering), Cancer (breast cancer modeling, diabetic pig modeling), Genetics (epigenetics, stem cell biology), Transcription control (Transcriptome)

      • Lykke-Hartmann, Karin

        Antisense and siRNA (RNA microinjections), Embryo development (Fertilization, Maternal-Zygotic Transition, Oocyte, Preimplantation, RNA microinjection), Hereditary diseases (Knock-out mice, P-type ATPase), Molecular medicine, Neurobiology, Transgenic mice

        • de Morree, Antoine

          Bones, muscles, joints (Aging, Quiescence, Regenerative medicine, skeletal muscle, Stem cells), Molecular cell biology (Post-transcriptional regulation)