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  1. Gesser, Hans

    Cardiovascular Physiology (energy metabolism, excitation-contraction coupling, force development, heart, tissue oxygen supply), Animal adaptation to the environment (hypoxia, temperature effects), Animal physiology, Biology

    • Weber, Roy E.

      Cardiovascular Physiology (gas transport, tissue oxygen supply), Animal adaptation to the environment (high altitude adaptations, hypoxia, oxygen availability, oxygen lack, salinity, temperature effects), Animal physiology (aerobic metabolism, blood, environmental adaptation, gas transport, integrative physiology, osmoregulation, respiration physiology), Animals (invertebrates, vertebrates), Evolution (Animal evolution, molecular evolution), Molecular ecophysiology (allosteric interactions, cytoglobin, globin proteins, hemocyanin, hemoglobin, molecular adaptations, myoglobin, neuroglobin, oxygen transport), Respiration ((hemo-)globin functions, aerobic metabolism, aquatic respiration, oxygen consumption, oxygen transport)