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  1. Lund-Hansen, Lars Chresten

    Algae (Adaption, Algae physiology, Concentrations and biomasses, Extreme environments, Halophiles, Spatial distribution, Thermophiles), Marine ecology, Oceanography

    • Olesen, Birgit

      Algae, Climatic changes, Ecophysiology of plants (Dispersal and colonization, Populationdynamics), Freshwater biology, Marine biology (Coastal zone ecology), Marine ecology (Macroalgae, Seagrass), Plant physiology (Ecophysiology)

      • Sorrell, Brian Keith

        Algae (Light, Photosynthesis), Arctic Ocean (Light, Primary production, Sea ice), Ecophysiology of plants (Carbon assimilation, Gas exchange, Nutrients), Wetlands (Carbon, Greenhouse gases, Restoration)