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  1. Brix, Hans

    Ecophysiology of plants (Effects of anoxia, Nutrient uptake, Photosynthesis), Climatic changes (Carbon sequestration, Methane emission), Freshwater biology (Waterlogged soils, Wetlands), Wastewater purification (Constructed wetlands, Sludge Treatment Reed Beds, Willow systems)

    • Olesen, Birgit

      Ecophysiology of plants (Dispersal and colonization, Populationdynamics), Algae, Climatic changes, Freshwater biology, Marine biology (Coastal zone ecology), Marine ecology (Macroalgae, Seagrass), Plant physiology (Ecophysiology)

      • Sorrell, Brian Keith

        Ecophysiology of plants (Carbon assimilation, Gas exchange, Nutrients), Algae (Light, Photosynthesis), Arctic Ocean (Light, Primary production, Sea ice), Wetlands (Carbon, Greenhouse gases, Restoration)