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Education, teaching and philosophy

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  1. Andersen, Frans Ørsted

    Learning, didactics and education, Pedagogical psychology (Classroom management, Flow, International comparative educational research, Positive Psychology, The ICDP programme, The LP programme)

    • Lieberoth, Andreas

      Computer games (game based learning, gamification, Motivation, psychological effects), Consumer behaviour (Popular science, sustainable beaviors, worry discourses), Media industry, Neuropsychology (Technology and the brain), Pedagogical psychology (learning through media), Social psychology (Attitude formation, Behvaioral economics), Studies of science and technology (media psychology)

      • Mørck, Line Lerche

        Education, teaching and philosophy (ADHD, diagnoses, ethnic minorities, expansive learning, marginalization, social practice theory), Man and Cultures (etnic minorities, gang conflict, gang cultures, marginalization, street communities)