Nature and Technology

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  1. Coriani, Sonia

    Theoretical chemistry (Computational Spectroscopy, Electronic Structure Theory, Molecular Properties)

    • Galloway, Jennifer Margaret

      Climate and the arctic (Paleoclimatology, Polar research), Climate of the past (Paleontology), Plant fossils (Palynology), Vegetation ecology (Paleoecology)

      • Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt

        Communication (Science communication, visualization), History of Science and Technology (Public Understanding of Science), Printed Media (Visual communication, Visual culture), Studies of science and technology (Data design, Information design)

        • Kleino, Anni Paulina

          Fruit flies (Insect immune system), Immune system (Innate immunity), Microorganisms (Gut microbiota), Molecular medicine (Parkinson's disease)

          • Pedersen, Bjørn Panyella

            3D structures of large molecules (cholesterol transport, low resolution methodologies, sugar transport), Membrane proteins (cholesterol transport, low resolution methodologies, sugar transport)

            • van der Sluis, Renée Marije

              HIV and other retroviruses (HIV latency, HIV latency reversing agents), Immune system (CTLA-4, immune checkpoint molecules, Immunomodulation to treat HIV infection, PD-1, TIGIT, Tim-3), Signals between and inside cells (CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, dendritic cells, mDC, NK, pDC, type I IFNs)