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  1. Acosta, Andrés

    Biomass (Activated Carbon, Furfural, HMF, Hydrothermal Carbonization, Hydrothermal Synthesis, P Recovery, Slow Pyrolysis, Wetland Engineering)

    • Bechmann, Anja

      Data protection, Internet (Digital Sociology), Machine learning , Media industry (Internet industry), Mobile systems and interfaces, Quantitative Methods (Computational Social Science)

      • Farkhani, Hooman

        Biomedical image processing (Neuromorphic computing systems), Digital circuits (Fully digital ADCs, SRAM, STT-RAM), Modeling and Simulation (Magnetic tunnel junction, Spin hall nano-oscillator, Spin transfer nano-oscillators)

        • Guo, Zheng

          Biocatalysis (Dioxygenase, Metalloenzyme, New chemistry, P450), Lipid technology (Biochmicals and biomaterials, Bioenergy, hydratase, Lipid microbiology, Lipid process; biocatalysis & biotransformation)

          • Kitazawa, Taro

            Molecular biology and biotechnology (Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, Genomics, Single cell), Neurobiology (Development, Memory, Plasticity)

            • Kunrath, Kamila

              Sustainability (Design, Education development and quality, Engineering, Innovation and business start-up, Professional culture and identity, Sustainability)

              • Larsen, Erik Reimer

                Economic energy research (Electricity markets, Electricity regulation), Operations management (Behavioural operations management), Organisation theory, Strategy

                • Mangliar, Laszlo

                  Architecture (modular architecture, parametric design), Environmental principles (sustainability, prevention, caution) (circular construction), Robotics (design for assembly, design for disassembly, robotics in arhitecture), Wooden structures (digital fabrication, structural optimisation)

                  • Marzocchi, Ugo

                    Coastal waters (Biogeochemistry, Sediment), Electrochemistry (Microbial electrochemical technologies), Freshwater (Biogeochemistry), Microbial ecology, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sensor technologies (Biosensors, Microsensors)

                    • Naveed, Khuram

                      Statistical signal processing (Machine Learning and Medical Diagnosis, Multiscale Time-frequency Analysis, Signal and Image Processing)

                      • Pacheco, Diego

                        Design processes (Design Science Research), Innovation and IT, Operations management (Industry 4.0), Production economics, Service management (Servitisation), Supply chain management, Sustainability (Circular economy, Sustainable business development), Technology management

                        • Partoon, Behzad

                          Biogas (Biogas Methanation, Process Simulation), Energy production (Hydrogen, Power to X), Separation technologies , Thermodynamics (Phase behavior)

                          • Rehman, Naveed Ur

                            Statistical signal processing (machine learning, signal processing, time series analysis)

                            • Shreya, Sonal

                              Integrated circuits (Integrated CMOS-Spintronics, Spintronics), Model-based development (Micromagnetic model, Verilog-A compact models), Modeling and Simulation (Device modeling)