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  1. Acosta, Andrés C.

    Biomass (Activated Carbon, HTC, P Recovery, Pyrolysis, Thermochemical Processes), Wast water treatment (resource recovery, water reclamation)

    • Bechmann, Anja

      Data protection, Internet (Digital Sociology), Machine learning , Media industry (Internet industry), Mobile systems and interfaces, Quantitative Methods (Computational Social Science)

      • Danielsen, Brian

        Software engineering (Backend web development, Frontend web development, Internet of Things)

        • Farkhani, Hooman

          Biomedical image processing (Neuromorphic computing systems), Digital circuits (Fully digital ADCs, SRAM, STT-RAM), Modeling and Simulation (Magnetic tunnel junction, Spin hall nano-oscillator, Spin transfer nano-oscillators)

          • Guo, Zheng

            Biocatalysis (Dioxygenase, Metalloenzyme, New chemistry, P450), Lipid technology (Biochmicals and biomaterials, Bioenergy, hydratase, Lipid microbiology, Lipid process; biocatalysis & biotransformation)

            • Kunrath, Kamila

              Sustainability (Design, Education development and quality, Engineering, Innovation and business start-up, Professional culture and identity, Sustainability)

              • Larsen, Erik Reimer

                Economic energy research (Electricity markets, Electricity regulation), Operations management (Behavioural operations management), Organisation theory, Strategy

                • Mangliar, Laszlo

                  Architecture (modular architecture, parametric design), Environmental principles (sustainability, prevention, caution) (circular construction), Robotics (design for assembly, design for disassembly, robotics in arhitecture), Wooden structures (digital fabrication, structural optimisation)

                  • Marzocchi, Ugo

                    Biosensors, Electrochemistry (Microbial electrochemical technologies), Freshwater (Biogeochemistry, Nitrogen cycling, Sulfur Cycling), Marine enviroment (Biogeochemistry, Nitrogen cycling, Sulfur Cycling), Microbial ecology (Electromicrobiology), Sensor technologies (Micro sensors)

                    • Partoon, Behzad

                      Biogas (Biogas Methanation, Process Simulation), Energy production (Hydrogen, Power to X), Separation technologies , Thermodynamics (Phase behavior)

                      • Rehman, Naveed Ur

                        Statistical signal processing (machine learning, signal processing, time series analysis)

                        • Zhang, Zhaoxi

                          Environmental state and quality (Environmental enhancement, Quality improvement), Health risks (Chronic disease, Physical activity), Machine learning (Image detection), Public health (Emotion, Perception, Psychological effects), Sensor technologies (Behavioral Tracking, Personalised wearable sensors), Urban planning (Built environment, Outdoors, Public space, Urban space, Urban studies)