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  1. Bechmann, Anja

    Data protection, Internet (Digital Sociology), Machine learning , Media industry (Internet industry), Mobile systems and interfaces, Quantitative Methods (Computational Social Science)

    • Farkhani, Hooman

      Biomedical image processing (Neuromorphic computing systems), Digital circuits (Fully digital ADCs, SRAM, STT-RAM), Modeling and Simulation (Magnetic tunnel junction, Spin hall nano-oscillator, Spin transfer nano-oscillators)

      • Guo, Zheng

        Biocatalysis , Lipid technology (Biochmicals and biomaterials, Bioenergy, Lipid microbiology, Lipid process; biocatalysis & biotransformation)

        • Larsen, Erik Reimer

          Economic energy research (Electricity markets, Electricity regulation), Operations management (Behavioural operations management), Organisation theory, Strategy

          • Ramirez-Vargas, Carlos A.

            Wast water treatment (Biological wastewater treatment, Constructed wetlands, Emergent pollutants, Integrated water resource management, Microbial electrochemical technologies, Water resource engineering)

            • Zarazua de Rubens, Gerardo

              Climate technology (Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology), International management (Business development), Machine learning (Data Analytics), Renewable energy sources (Energy Planning & Resources Optimization, Wind Resource Assessment, Exergy Analysis, Energy Demand, Electricity Markets), Studies of science and technology (Socio-technical transitions), Sustainability (Business model innovation)