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  1. Bøegh, Kristoffer Friis

    Danish lexicography (dictionaries) (Documentary lexicography), Dialect (Danish in Jutland, English-lexifier creoles, The Anglophone Caribbean), Empires and colonies (Danish West Indies, US Virgin Islands), History of the Danish language, Language history (comparative linguistics, etymology) (Contact linguistics, Linguistic variation)

    • Goldshtein, Yonatan Ungermann

      Danish dialects (Dialectometry, Digital dialectology), History of the Danish language, Phonetics and phonology (Intonation, Micro-variation, Prosody)

      • Krogh, Steffen

        Copyright, Frisian, German dialects (Low German), German language history, German morphology, German syntax, Hebrew, History of the Danish language, History of the Scandinavian language, Judaism (East European Jewry), Morphology, Syntax (Contact linguistics), Yiddish (Ultraorthodox Yiddish, Yiddish historical linguistics, Yiddish syntax)

        • Nygaard, Simon

          History of religion (Comparative history of religions), Myth analysis (Ritual studies), Myths and rituals (Nordic mythology), Old Norse (Contextual runology, Old Norse poetry), Old Norse religion, Phenomenology of religion, Research methods (Cultural Evolution, Cultural Memory, Performance Theory)