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  1. Andersen, Kirsti

    History of ideas/science for the sciences (History of the mathematical theory of perspective, Mathematics in the Seventeenth Century)

    • Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt

      History of Science and Technology (Public Understanding of Science), Communication (Science communication, visualization), Printed Media (Visual communication, Visual culture), Studies of science and technology (Data design, Information design)

      • Pedersen, Kurt Møller

        History of ideas/science for the sciences, History of sciences and mathematics (History of astronomy, History of mathematics, History of physics), Philosophers (Michel Foucault), Philosophy of natural science (Philosophy of Mathematics, scientific realism, scientific revolutions), Philosophy of sciences and mathematics (Scientific realism, Scientific revolutions), Theory and philosophy of science (Scientific realism, Scientific revolutions)

        • Sefland Pedersen, Simone

          Citizen involvement, Communication of science, Democracy and power, Science as a social construction (Post fact, Post truth, Postfactuality), The knowledge society, Theories of democracy (Critical studies of public spheres, Studies of public spheres)