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  1. Albarrán Juárez, Julián

    Blood (Mechanosensing), Heart and circulation (Atherosclerosis), Pharmacology (Cardiovascular disease)

    • Andersen, Peter Ebert

      Evolution (Gene expression, Genetic conflicts, Genetic innovation, Genome defense, Transcription, Transposons)

      • Baier, Leonie

        Animal adaptation to the environment, Animal physiology (Hearing, Vocalisation), Behaviour and etology (Communication, Perception, Predator-prey interactions), Bioacoustics (Bats, Biosonar), Mammals (Bats)

        • Bak, Jørgen Friis

          Solid state physics (Channeling, Radiation Damage)

          • Balling, Peter

            Lasers (Femtosecond lasers, Ultrashort laser pulses), Light, Microprocessing, Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Nanostructuring by ultrashort laser pulses), Optics, Photonics, Photonics, Surface physics (time-resolved core-level spectroscopy, time-resolved surface spectroscopy), Surface physics (Nanostructured surfaces)

            • Bjergbæk, Lotte

              Cancer (genomic instability), Cancer (genomic instability), DNA structure and repair (checkpoint control, DNA replication)

              • Boesen, Thomas

                3D structures of large molecules (Cryo-electron microscopy, Crystallography, Small Angle X-ray Scattering), Microbiology, Microorganisms (Structure/function in pathogen-host interactions), Protein synthesis (Eukaryotic translation initiation), Toxins (Microbial pathogenesis factors, Toxins)

                • Bøggild, Andreas

                  3D structures of large molecules (Protein and nucleic acid crystallography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy), Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

                  • Bonné, Robin

                    Materials science, Microbiology (Cable bacteria, Electromicrobiology)

                    • Börgeson, Emma

                      Cardiovascular Physiology (Cardiometabolic syndrome, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Inflammation, inflammatory markers, collagen metabolites, Inflammatory resolution, Obesity)

                      • Brendtner, Fine

                        Anthropology (Environmental anthropology, Ocean anthropology, Visual anthropology), Climate and culture (Aquaculture, Environmental History, Marine and Coastal Management, Ocean Acidification), Film analysis (Film production, Image politics, Visualizations of nature), Society and citizens (Coastal and Marine policy, Environmental policy, Marine guardianship), Studies of science and technology (Philosophy of science and technology, Philosophy of science in practice, Science communication)

                        • Brix, Hans

                          Climatic changes (Carbon sequestration, Methane emission), Ecophysiology of plants (Effects of anoxia, Nutrient uptake, Photosynthesis), Freshwater biology (Waterlogged soils, Wetlands), Wastewater purification (Constructed wetlands, Sludge Treatment Reed Beds, Willow systems)

                          • Brodersen, Ditlev E.

                            3D structures of large molecules, Bacteria (Stringent reponse), Electronic teaching aids, Enzymes and artificial enzymes, Microbial processes and substance cycles (Survival mechanisms), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Single particle electron microscopy), RNA, Robots (Automated crystallisation screening), Structural Analysis (Visualisation and comparison of protein structures), Teaching goals and methods, X-ray crystallography

                            • Bundgaard, Jørgen

                              Evolution, Fruit flies (sexual selection, sperm competition), Genetics (Population genetics), Heredity and environment, Stress and evolution genetics

                              • Christensen, Jens Tang

                                Climatic changes (Paleoecology), Fish and fish biology, Mammals, Mangrove, Marine biology (Food chains), Marine ecology (Ecological networks and interactions), Oceanography

                                • Christensen, Mogens

                                  Crystals (X-ray and neutron diffraction), Functional nanomaterials (In-situ growth studies), Material chemistry (Neutron scattering), Nano-energy-materials (Magnetic materials), Solids chemistry, Thermo-electrical materials

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