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  1. Glasius, Marianne

    Analytical chemistry (Biooil analysis, High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), HPLC-MS, Organic analytical chemistry), Arctic pollution, Atmospheric environment, Environmental chemistry (atmospheric chemistry, particles)

    • Lykke-Andersen, Holger

      Denmark's geology (Seismic studies of meso- and cenozoic sequences), Environmental geophysics (Mapping of groundwater reservoirs), Greenland's geology (Marine geology/seismics), Hydrogeology (Hydrogeological models bsed on seismic data), Limestone (Sedimetary structures), North Pole and other Arctic areas (Seismic investigations in the Polar Sea), Oceanography (Seismic oceanography), Seismic surveys (High-res studies 0-2 km), Soil and stratigraphy (Seismic stratigraphic studies), Subsoil structure (Tectonics vs. sedimentation)

      • Nabe-Nielsen, Jacob

        Arctic environment, nature and ecology (Arctic plant communities, Plant diversity), Behaviour and etology (Modelling, Movement ecology), Ecology (Harbour porpoise, Marine mammals, Seals), Population biology (Agent-based modelling, Individual-based modelling, Population dynamics)

        • Topp-Jørgensen, Elmer

          Arctic environment, nature and ecology (Arctic, Biodiversity, Greenland, Research stations), Biodiversity (Arctic, Greenland, Tanzania)

          • Treier, Urs

            Arctic environment, nature and ecology, Biodiversity, Climatic changes, Ecology (> drone ecology,, molecular ecology, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) remote sensing, ), Evolution (> plant evolutionary ecology,, biological invasions), Macroecology, Population biology