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Environment, climate and energy

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  1. Albrektsen, Rikke

    Climate and agriculture (Emission inventories, Emission projection), xxx (Agriculture)

    • Ballantyne, Anne Gammelgaard

      Climate adaptation (Climate visualization, Digital visualization), Communication theory, Environmental communication (climate change communication, Microplastics), Environmental communication (Microplastics, Waste), Knowledge communication (Science communication), Reception analysis/reception research (Digital Communication)

      • Carreira, Cátia

        Microbial ecology (Biogeochemist, Biological oceanography, Microbial interactions, Viral ecology)

        • Dey, Tridibesh

          Anthropology (Ethnography, South Asia), Environmental damage (Plastic Pollution, Waste Management), Studies of science and technology (Actor-Network Theory, More-than-human Ethnography, Plastic)

          • Eilenberg, Michael

            Climate and society (Sustainability), Democracy and Citizens (Decentralization and local politics, Development ), Democracy and power, Ethnography, Greenhouse gasses (including CO2) (REDD+ Initiative), Other countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Afrika), State, Region and Municipality (state formation in Southeast Asia), Underdeveloped countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania)

            • Fu, Yuting

              Climate and agriculture (Carbon stabilization, Soil microbiology, Soil physics)

              • Glasius, Marianne

                Analytical chemistry (Biooil analysis, High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), HPLC-MS, Organic analytical chemistry), Arctic pollution, Atmospheric environment, Environmental chemistry (atmospheric chemistry, particles)

                • Harrisson, Annika Pohl

                  Anthropology of law (Dispute resolution, Justice provision, State making), Environmental communication, Germany (Danish-German Border), Globalisation (Human Security, State building and social resistance), Minorities (Everyday justice, Justice and security, Justice provision), Other countries (Borderlands, Karen State, Mon State, Myanmar, State capacity, state formation in Southeast Asia), Thailand (Borders, state formation in Southeast Asia, Stateless minorities), The state (Encompassment, Governance,, Identity, State Building, State-society relations)

                  • Jørgensen, Bo Barker

                    Marine ecosystems, Microbial ecology, Microbial processes and substance cycles (Marine biogeochemistry, Methane cycle, Nutrient turnover in seabed, Sulfur cycle)

                    • Lykke-Andersen, Holger

                      Denmark's geology (Seismic studies of meso- and cenozoic sequences), Environmental geophysics (Mapping of groundwater reservoirs), Greenland's geology (Marine geology/seismics), Hydrogeology (Hydrogeological models bsed on seismic data), Limestone (Sedimetary structures), North Pole and other Arctic areas (Seismic investigations in the Polar Sea), Oceanography (Seismic oceanography), Seismic surveys (High-res studies 0-2 km), Soil and stratigraphy (Seismic stratigraphic studies), Subsoil structure (Tectonics vs. sedimentation)

                      • Lysgaard, Jonas Andreasen

                        Climate and culture (Education for Sustainable Development, Environmental Education), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education (Folk high Schools)

                        • Mangliar, Laszlo

                          Architecture (modular architecture, parametric design), Environmental principles (sustainability, prevention, caution) (circular construction), Robotics (design for assembly, design for disassembly, robotics in arhitecture), Wooden structures (digital fabrication, structural optimisation)

                          • Martinez I Quer, Alba

                            Bacteria (Bacterial degradation, Metagenomics, Microbial community dynamics, Microbial ecology), Climate technology (Circular economy, Constructed wetlands, Eco-technologies, Environmental biotechnology, Natural-based solutions), Environmental chemistry (LC-MS/MS, Micropollutants, qTOF-MS)

                            • Marzocchi, Ugo

                              Biosensors, Electrochemistry (Microbial electrochemical technologies), Freshwater (Biogeochemistry, Nitrogen cycling, Sulfur Cycling), Marine enviroment (Biogeochemistry, Nitrogen cycling, Sulfur Cycling), Microbial ecology (Electromicrobiology), Sensor technologies (Micro sensors)

                              • Mortensen, Peter

                                Climate and culture (Climate change discourses, Climate literature), Ethics and sustainability (Literature, culture and sustainability), Film history (Disaster film, Representations of nature in film, Sciene Fiction), Literary epochs (Modern British and American literature, Modernism, Post-Romanticism, Postmodernism, Romanticism, Transcendentalism), Literary genres (Apocalyptic and postapocalyptic texts, Back-to-nature literature, Ecopoetry, Pastoral, Science Fiction, Utopian/dystopian fiction), Modernity (Alternative culture, Countercultures, Environmentalism, Political ecology), Text theory and analysis (Cultural Studies, Ecocriticism, Literature and technology, Modern literary theory, New Historicism)

                                • Nabe-Nielsen, Jacob

                                  Arctic environment, nature and ecology (Arctic plant communities, Plant diversity), Behaviour and etology (Modelling, Movement ecology), Ecology (Harbour porpoise, Marine mammals, Seals), Population biology (Agent-based modelling, Individual-based modelling, Population dynamics)

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