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  1. Beek, Martijn van

    Anthropology and Ethnography, Buddhism (Meditation, Mindfulness), Conflict, Development cooperation (developing countries) (decentralisation, globalization), Ethnicity (identity, nationalism), Globalisation, India (Kashmir, Ladakh), Mysticism and spirituality, Other countries (India, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Tibet), Religion and cognition, Religious movements

    • Jeppesen, Matilde

      Administration and bureaucracy, Development cooperation (developing countries), Development of states (Administration/bureaucracy, Autonomy, Development Aid Policy, Global South, Public administration, Reforms, State capacity, Sub-Saharan Africa, Tax, Taxation), International organisations, Society and citizens, Tax theory

      • Pedersen, Jørgen Dige

        Development, Development economics, Development of states (Development assistance, India and Brazil: State regulation and economic), India