Food and Agriculture

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  1. Arthur, Emmanuel

    Soil quality (water sorption, soil erosion, compaction, biochar, gas transport, )

    • Gregersen, Per L.

      Genetics and biotechnology (cereals, gene expression, senescence)

      • Hyldgaard, Benita

        Ecophysiology of plants (Invasive freshwaterplants), Nonfood crops, Photosynthesis, Plant adaptation to the environment, Plant physiology, Plants, flowers and trees (Ceratophyllum demersum (Common hornwort), Luronium natans (Floating Water-plantain))

        • Martensen, Pia Møller

          Cancer (Apoptosis), Food and foodstuff technology, Immune system (Interferon), Pregnancy (Preeclampsia), Signals between and inside cells (Signal transduction pathways)

          • Rittenhofer, Iris

            Culture and organisation, Ecology, Globalisation (Globalization and cross-cultural management, Globalization and market communication, What is globalization - and what is not), Intercultural communication (Intercultural communication), Interviews, Management theory, Media industry