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  1. Larsen, Erik Reimer

    Economic energy research (Electricity markets, Electricity regulation), Operations management (Behavioural operations management), Organisation theory, Strategy

    • Li, Hongyan Jenny

      Price determination (Behavioral Operations Management, Consumer behavior, Decision Science, Inventory control, Marketing analytics, Operations Management, Revenue Maangement)

      • Pacheco, Diego

        Design processes (Design Science Research), Innovation and IT, Operations management (Industry 4.0), Production economics, Service management (Servitisation), Supply chain management, Sustainability (Circular economy, Sustainable business development), Technology management

        • Thorstenson, Anders

          Corporate performance (Production planning and management), Logistics (Logistics, Logistics and transport), Operation analysis, Performance (Logistics), Supply chain management (Inventory control, Operational analysis, Production planning and management, SCM, Supply chain management)