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  1. Elmqvist, Niklas

    Interaction design (HCI, Virtual Environments, Visual Analytics, Visualization)

    • Hasse, Cathrine

      Citizen involvement (Citizen Learning), Cultural change (Cultural and social anthropology, Cultural Learning Proceses, Cultural participation, Cultural studies, Culturel Ecology, Educational anthropology, Learning, Learning-to-learn (L2L), Postphenomenology, Science Education, Technological Imaginaries, Technological Literacy, technology, Techologies in Practices), Culture and cognition (Learning and Culture, Materiality), Tangible and embodied interaction (Culture, Learning, Materiality)

      • Peronard, Jean-Paul de Cros

        Innovation (Circular economy, Communication, Interorganizational networks, Servicenetwork, Sustainability and consumption), Marketing theory (Consumer behavior, Globalization, International marketing, IT & Services), Theories on use and interaction (Digitalization, Interaction, social robots)

        • Schulz, Hans-Jörg

          Computer graphics and sound (Graph Drawing, Information Visualization, Visual Analytics)

          • Smith, Rachel Charlotte

            Anthropology, Design processes (Design processes), Ethnography (Ethnographic Fieldwork), Interaction design (Interaction design), Qualitative methods (Qualitative methods), User participation in systems development (participatory design) (Participatory Design)